#THEHIGHBAR Week 1: The First Day of My 67th Year with Gaia

Today is my 66th birthday, which means I am at full retirement age according to the Social Security Administration.  Hooray, I think!?

More importantly, as I continue on this journey, I now begin my 67th year on this Earth.  Today is thus an opportune moment to launch #THEHIGHBAR, a metamorphosis of my daily  #KEEPTHEBARHIGH on Facebook; it graduated on July 31,2020 when it reached 100 consecutive days.

Rather than daily musings,#THEHIGHBAR is a reflection of the previous week.  #THEHIGHBAR will help me continue my efforts to maintain a high level of conscious effort to be mindful and intentional, to seek beauty,  and to remember that every is impermanent so I better pay attention NOW.

With this being Week 1, I thought it would be a good time to compress my 66 years into the proverbial seven days laid out by the Genesis poet about how the Earth was created.

Day 1  Let there be a Berna born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

me (2)

Day 2  Let her attend good Catholic parochial and private schools.  Let her meet friends whom she will know for a long time.  Let her delight in rediscovering many of these friends in her latter years.

Day 3  Let her attend the University of Hawaii, where she will learn that she was never really a pre-med student, but someone who prefers majoring in English because she reads voraciously and loves to write.

Day 4  Let her meet Richard, who will marry her in a park in Lanikai, where they make their promises standing in a circle of friends.  Let them marry and have a son who will be beautiful, strong, smart and, most of all, kind.  Let them be known as the Three Musketeers while they live on the 22nd floor of a Downtown Honolulu condo.  Let this family grow in time so that she will know the joys of beautiful grandsons and a delightful daughter-in-law.

Day 5  Let her become a community planner who will prepare many studies about how development and change can impact people and about what people really care about and how social impacts can addressed positively and proactively.  Let her be a facilitator, a mediator, a peacemaker who will help people resolve conflicts in ways that benefit as many people as possible.

Day 6  Let her and Richard move to Texas to find new economic opportunities, learn new things, and meet new friends.  Let her finally get to live in a house.

Day 7  Let her embrace the knowledge that she must live her life with intention, that she must seek beauty in all things, and that she is to live each moment mindfully because everything is impermanent.  Let her continue her journey in joy and peace.  Let her always strive towards #THEHIGHBAR.



When uncertainty dawns
Sit still and close your eyes

See clarity through Divine eyes
Of barriers vanishing at your command
Of your path revealed one step at a time

Listen to breezes whisper your name
Your beauty, your place in this time, in Creation
Your guidance toward your destiny

Feel the earth pulse through your veins
Flowing from veins rooted in heart of Gaia
Flowing eternity, energy, goodness, grace

The day shall be revealed
Moment by moment