in a moment masquerading as infinity
her errant winds gusted me from my garden
of welcoming scents bathed in simple colors

into her swirling vortex of feigned helplessness
that ruled with whispers of riddled demands
and imbued my soul with the angst of vertigo

till she landed her vapored spells on a cadre
of workers bred to attend to whims and fancies
of queens cloaked in narcissistic gowns

and my wings were freed to find their cadence
to fly my weary heart back to the place
of familiar haven where my center lives



The Candor of Love

The Candor of Love (3)

Though our hues manifest
variant colors of heaven’s prisms
lit by stars and moons
and dusted by the Artist’s brush

Though our souls wax and wane
on life’s journey paths, wide and narrow,
mapped by celestial destiny
drawn in ancient times

You, my sister, I stand with
You, my brother, I protect
You, my children, I nurture
You, my friend, I love