Patriot, Your Voice is Heard

Patriot Your Voice is Heard

They descended, swarmed
gathered, linked arms
chanted, shouted
the single voice of multitudes

Homemade guardians
obeyed a primal directive
to protect the babies
to preserve family dignity

Homemade warriors
fighting for brown children
against cages and cruelty
against the white whims of insanity

Homemade activists
defending America’s future
from repeating acts of evil and hate
from a legacy of future despair

This is Bonnie, my friend, neighbor and colleague.  She flew from our comfortable Town of Trophy Club, Texas, to fight for our nation’s heart in Washington D.C. in the Families Belong Together march.  Thank you, Bonnie.

The Migration of Mosses and Lichens

Lichens and Moss

It is imperceptible to the human eye
the patient glacial migration
of the simplest of creatures
these mosses and lichens

To which we pay no mind

Clinging to pruned playground oaks
rain-fed forest boulders
wind-swept suburban fences
these resilient sojourners

With legacy as old as stardust

Forests of mosses
with tiny stems and leaves
watered by heaven’s mist
pruned by seasonal whims

As nurtured by the supreme maker

Insistent lichens
fungal crusts and powdery scales
some posing as miniature leaves
orange, brown, white, lime

All patterned by the ancient of days

Their colonies moved by nature’s breath
to converge and disperse
over eons and generations
to settle adjacent and amidst

Such is a world at peace