Tarry, Lady Aurora


Just this once, Lady Aurora *
will you delay the banishment of the night’s coverings
of sleep sojourns and nocturnal secrets?

Delay your radiating of the sky heavens
with your infinite lumens that expose angles and circles
of our daily labors and mortality.

Let me tarry in this dawn ‘tween world
so I can still enjoy echo laughter of old friends
as their footfalls grace the trails of Tantalus. **

Let me savor the fading wafts of salty air
and hear the soft hissing of the Pacific Ocean
seeping into the sands of Kona. ***

Let me wake just enough to recognize the shadow
of my dreams though I live in your light world
while I simultaneously breathe sweet thoughts of fond times.

Then I shall be ready for your warmth, dear Lady
and gladly open my eyes to greet you in song
and rejoice in hopes you bring to this new day.

 *     Aurora is the Roman god of dawn who renews herself every morning and flies across the sky.

**   Tantalus is a wonderfully whimsical mountain on Oahu, Hawaii.  It is said to have been named after the Greek god who, always thirsty, was punished by being placed in a pool of water. When he tried to drink, the water receded.

*** Kona sands grace the west coast of the southernmost island in Hawaii.

Photo taken in the summer dawn in Harmony Park, Trophy Club, Texas. 

Gentle Souls

Maui 2010 February 052
Joys that delight you
Courage over secret fears
Hopes that sustain you
Beliefs you hold most dear

These a gentle soul can surmise in you
and intuits the right words and moments
to revive your weary soul
and embolden your spirit voice

This day and all tomorrows
may gentle souls grace your path
at their appointed times

Bird of Paradise at the Kula Botanical Garden, Maui, Hawaii, 2011

May your eyes behold


May your eyes behold

In all creatures and seasons

Beauty incarnate

I took this photo of a Commerson’s Frogfish at the Waikiki Aquarium a few years ago. Frogfishes are highly adaptable ambush predators. They are black, red, orange, yellow, brown and green; some are mottle-patterned.  They can brace themselves to the ocean floor with stubbly, jointed pectoral and pelvic fins.  They change position by “walking” on these hand-like fins. Some camouflage as Hawaiian sea sponges, complete with sponge pores.  Some look like seaweed covered rocks. 

They are quite beautiful, don’t you think?

In Spite of Us

In the beginningIn the beginning was the Word
Utterly incomprehensible to human construct

So we described
Omnipotent . . .  Magnificent . . . Glorious

And we named
Adonai . . . Ke Akua . . . Allah

We housed
Cathedral . . . Mosque . . . Temple

And humanized
Loving . . . Angry . . . Merciful

We compiled books and composed hymns
waged war and conquered converts
passed laws and imposed edicts

though we strive
to own . . . contain . . . separate

That which has always been
higher than our ways
higher than our thoughts

As in the beginning
so shall it be in the end
the Word

Photo of a sunset as seen from on a warm evening in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii, 2011