Tarry, Lady Aurora


Just this once, Lady Aurora *
will you delay the banishment of the night’s coverings
of sleep sojourns and nocturnal secrets?

Delay your radiating of the sky heavens
with your infinite lumens that expose angles and circles
of our daily labors and mortality.

Let me tarry in this dawn ‘tween world
so I can still enjoy echo laughter of old friends
as their footfalls grace the trails of Tantalus. **

Let me savor the fading wafts of salty air
and hear the soft hissing of the Pacific Ocean
seeping into the sands of Kona. ***

Let me wake just enough to recognize the shadow
of my dreams though I live in your light world
while I simultaneously breathe sweet thoughts of fond times.

Then I shall be ready for your warmth, dear Lady
and gladly open my eyes to greet you in song
and rejoice in hopes you bring to this new day.

 *     Aurora is the Roman god of dawn who renews herself every morning and flies across the sky.

**   Tantalus is a wonderfully whimsical mountain on Oahu, Hawaii.  It is said to have been named after the Greek god who, always thirsty, was punished by being placed in a pool of water. When he tried to drink, the water receded.

*** Kona sands grace the west coast of the southernmost island in Hawaii.

Photo taken in the summer dawn in Harmony Park, Trophy Club, Texas. 

One More Forever


There will be time enough for mourning, dear loves
for confessions of regret
and eulogies of breath and stone

But for now
caress my brow and tired arms
and comb the tangles from my hair

Lean in close and listen
to the spirit voice deep in my heart
I have things to tell you

You moored me in your harbor
when my voice echoed
in rooms that housed only shadows

You wove me into your tapestry
of delicately fine threads of friendships
and the colors of laughter and love

You let me share the warm companionship
and unconditional loyalty
of the loving dogs you master so well

There shall be time enough for loss, my neighbors
but only after we embrace as always
for one more forever

To Sit in the Shade

Let me just play on the beach for now
And one day I promise to save the world
Or at least don a First Communion veil beneath your stained glass
And win the spelling bee in the fifth grade of parochial privilege
And fasten the first college diploma to our immigrant family tree

Let me just bathe in the sun for now
And one day I promise to be June Cleaver in a pink business suit
Or at least know how to debone chicken for the perfect roast
And find the perfect stain remover for rainy day sleepovers
And keep the light low as I complete my report while you dream

Let me just sit in the shade for now
And one day I promise to be the complacent white-haired matron
Or at least the gracious dame who forgets old trespasses
And recall the generosity of generational patriarchs
And bequeath the wisdom of womanhood to girls who play on the beach