‘Tween Time Conversations

Watching the sunrise from the summit of Haleakala on Maui is witnessing the magnificent cadence of the heavens. The blood orange edge of the sun gently pushes up against the dark teal of the night’s blanket. And after patient prodding by the sun, the night retreats to await its turn. The layer where sun and night struggle is my ‘tween time.

I’m not sure if it’s my getting older or just the times, but I have been waking up earlier, around 4:30, 5:00. But it’s not a real awakening, more like a very s-l-o-w transition from sleep and full consciousness. I can hear our house settling sounds, and I know when Richard moves. But my eyes still are in sleep mode, and I can sometimes reenter a dream. This can go on for at least an hour. My ‘tween time.

I didn’t always enjoy ‘tween times. I used to wake up at all hours with night sweats and worries about various things in my life.

But now I look forward to them because that is my time reserved for conversations with God. The other morning I had a dream about my brother, not an altogether pleasant dream, but it was a reunion of sorts. I walked out of that dream into my ‘tween time and asked God, “What did that mean?” And he told me that I should pray blessings over my brother. Blessings of peace, and of knowing that he is loved. Blessings of wisdom with his wife and children. In full consciousness, I may not be so prone to do that, but in my ‘tween time, my spirit was willing.

There are ‘tween times when I am reminded of people to call and tasks to accomplish. Recently, God showed me something that I did not want – a temporary parting. But he assured me his plans are all good, that he’s always with me. The departure did occur, and in the midst of sadness, I remembered what he told me in my ‘tween time. As he promised, he stayed with me the whole time, and even sprinkled a little grace in my life. A week after the parting, He brought me a dog that makes me smile and love.

In my ‘tween times, I am called daughter, beloved, warrior. And I call him Papa. Sometimes, there’s not much for me to say except, “I praise you. I thank you. I love you.” He reminds me of his Word and his promises. And then we just hold hands and wait for my day to start.

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