Time is just a piece of the puzzle

Time is on my side. Yes it is. Ah, the wisdom of the Rolling Stones.

What is time? We measure our memories with time and we keep time to the music. We don’t want to lose time when we’re traveling, and we shouldn’t waste time when we’re working. Things happen “before my time,” and we aren’t familiar with something because it was “after my time.”

Because of time, flights are missed, gold medals are won and my cookies in the oven are burnt (occasionally)!

Is time a continuum? Not necessarily. After all, my yesterday is not the same as yours. Besides, if it was a continuum, how can there be eternity? Eternity, after all, just is.

I’ve been rethinking this whole time thing, and here is a what if.

What if time is a series of puzzle pieces that make up our lives? What if there is a Berna Puzzle that God is putting together piece by piece, time by time. He already knows how all the pieces go together, and He knows what the finished puzzle looks like. I can see the yesterday pieces, and I live the today pieces, but I really don’t know how these pieces will join with the tomorrow pieces.

Haven’t you had experiences from long ago that somehow unfolded many years later? I was not popular in high school. In fact, I was a snooty pain in the butt. But because of the Internet, I am becoming reacquainted with some really nice gals. Interesting women with families and grandchildren and full lives. I have no idea where it’s all going, but I know this. When I graduated, it was bye-bye, adios, sayonara, au revoir. No turning back. It’s a good thing I didn’t design my own puzzle!

I used to help my aunt put together Thomas Kinkaid puzzles. His paintings are all about light – lighting in an old village at night, light across a river, moonlight on a meadow. The puzzles were deceivingly difficult . We didn’t put the pieces “in order.” Rather, we matched colors and themes. Some pieces looked like they were part of the water, and really belonged along the horizon. Some parts of the puzzle were more filled in than others. My aunt was so satisfied when the last piece was put in.

So rather than try to second guess the puzzle pieces, I am learning to hear and listen for what I need do learn from yesterday’s pieces, and for what I need to do in today’s piece. I know that God knows how it all goes together, and that’s good enough for me.

Now what if the Berna Puzzle is but a small piece of a much larger puzzle put together by the Grand Master? That thought is for another time . . .

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