The Big Picture

I have been given skills to help clients and communities work together. I facilitate meetings, design community outreach programs, and help people “see” solutions in the midst of conflict and lawsuits.

It is always a challenge when my clients feel that my work is contrary to their needs, as if I am the enemy. I influenced them with manipulation. I talked, sometimes bullied, my recommendations into implementation and “moved” a community group into agreeing with my solutions.

In hindsight, it was a perverted sense of personal power. It was not about me after all, but about what needed to happen in the BIG picture. I may have been part of a plan, but not the only component.

I have learned to wait and listen. I occasionally get a glimpse of the BIG picture, but mostly just receive an idea of what I am to do. The rest is not up to me.

I am in a work situation where my client thinks I don’t get it. My first inclination is to assert my position with both barrels. I can be very good at that. I have won many such battles.

We have a conference call this afternoon to resolve the matter. I am waiting to have a couple of edges rounded. Just a little, just enough to know when to say what is important to be heard.

I can do this.

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