Blessings of Clarity, Prosperity and Hilarity in 2010

A New Year – the passing of a single second on the midnight of the last day of the year.  Its significance often eludes me.  When I wished someone a Happy New Year a few days ago, he said, “I’m so glad 2009 is over!”  It made me pause.  Is there really a bad old year and a happy new year?  Do we ever hope that a good old year will continue into the next happy new year? 

We need the annual cadence of our lives to renew our hope and recharge our expectancy of good things, especially given the shaking in 2009.  We need to know that, within a discernible time frame, our lives will be better compared to the previous twelve months. 

And yet,  the shaking began long before 2009.  We started the decade with a Y2K scare that shook our confidence in technology.  9-11 shook our nation’s sense of security and invincibility.  Suicide bombers, cultural clashes and tribal religiosity continue to shake the Middle East and the rest of the world.  Humans and Mother Nature  shake each other — global warming and destruction of rainforests versus hurricanes and typhoons.  Certainly, political events have been more than just mere tremors.

So whether it’s a new year, a new decade or a new millenium, we need to mark the passage of time, draw a line in the sand, carve another notch in our belts.  Solve and resolve.  Renew and recharge.

My previous New Year resolutions are embarrassingly simple.  Be on time (I succeeded – mostly), be more organized (I continue to be sporadic about this), stop procrastinating (it’s already ten days into the year!).

This time it seems different, though.  It is the first year of the second decade of the second millenium.  There should be some profundity in my thoughts about the new year, about my resolutions.  But what I came up with were really blessings, blessings for me, my family, friends in the different spheres of my life, and acquaintances I may only touch once. 

In 2010, here are my blessings:

Clarity – of our value to God and each other, of good qualities we need to continue and strengthen, of personal improvements that would make our lives better, of opportunities and blessings, of faith in the blessings that God has already stored for each of us.

Prosperity – in our finances (manifold!), in our friendships, in our abilities, talents and gifts, in our spiritual awareness and revelations.

Hilarity – from a twinkle in our eyes, to an unexpected chuckle, to a deep belly laugh that brings tears to the eye.


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