Summer Covenant

Last night, three storm centers passed through North Texas.  Spectacular lightening and crackling thunder reminded me that the heavens were not created to sleep. 

Today, at precisely 12:16 PM CST, summer solstice occurred.  This is when the sun seems to stop its movement away from the earth and comes back.  Of course, the sun doesn’t do anything.  It is our earth that is constantly rotating and revolving.

We surely have an awesome God!


Storm Beckons Summer

It was not the gentle dance
of votive flames whispering
“I beseech you!”
in the cathedral harboring worshippers

Not the pulsing O P E N
of a neon light announcing
“I welcome you!”
to weary truckdrivers at two in the morning

Not the eager beam
of a searching flashlight assuring
“I found you!”
to a lost hiker huddled near a mountain trail

No, it was the jagged laser
of lightning bolts crackling
“I command you!”
to earth’s star about to drift farther

The summer sun positioned its radiance
in solstice to acknowledge
“I heed you!”
to the Ancient One who demands its return

– 22 June 2011

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