Shadow Breath

She exhales her shadow long

reaching high above the Lone Star
to pluck a new snowflake for her hair
and fluff the clouds into soft peaks

to drift north to Faneuil Hall
and introduce a certain young man
to Longfellow and Edgar Allan Poe

to venture south to Machu Picchu
and explore the abandoned citadel
of a people dissolved by time

to fly east to Bordeaux
and imbibe the amethyst fruit
with cheese and pâté de foie gras

to hurry west to Mauna Kea
and parody an angel in the apex snow
before dipping her toe in the Lanikai sea

She inhales her shadow dim

to congregate in His Spirit’s haven
as the sun submits in descent
and the new moon reigns the compass

to merge with His breath of heaven
and prepare her shadow imprint
for the sunlight of the coming dawn

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