Vapor Through the Cracks of Civility


We once strove to march in love
with pledges to be our brother’s keeper
and to raise our sisters to be strong and smart
and to protect our elders in their aging twilight
and to be oblivious to color, religion, love choices

Once we strove as much

Then sharp words pierced through our hearts
words formed, sculpted and nurtured
in arrogant hearts that schemed to govern
the plural hearts in our midst and neighborhoods
that housed holy hearts in steepled monuments

Sharp words pierced thus so

Yet the words are mere vapor seeping through
the blistered cracks of demagogue lips
that whisper favors through splinters in weathered vaults
that protect the green scales of privileged legacy
that proudly masquerade a covering of civility

Know this

Mere vapor dissipates as impermanent dust

The sharp words cannot pierce our hearts

Let us strive as much once more


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