Butterfly Shadows

You appeared on a crisp spring morning
when honey bees descended on arugula flowers
that twinkled sunburst in the breeze

A little caterpillar whose gentle soul
was clothed in orange silk
fastened by thin black stripes

I asked you, “Child, where is your mother?”
but you blithely continued to nibble
on my tender lettuce and chard seedlings

I allowed your piracy of daily sustenance
anticipating the day you would grace my garden
with your whisper touch and weightless flutters

I guarded your motionless chrysalis
that belied metamorphosis about to unfold
your wings to fly where your spirit beckons

Though I have not seen you since your inaugural flight
I sometimes imagine you hovering near me
casting shadows of times that could have been

For Ben (April 30, 1960 to September 5, 2015)

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