In Spite of Us

In the beginningIn the beginning was the Word
Utterly incomprehensible to human construct

So we described
Omnipotent . . .  Magnificent . . . Glorious

And we named
Adonai . . . Ke Akua . . . Allah

We housed
Cathedral . . . Mosque . . . Temple

And humanized
Loving . . . Angry . . . Merciful

We compiled books and composed hymns
waged war and conquered converts
passed laws and imposed edicts

though we strive
to own . . . contain . . . separate

That which has always been
higher than our ways
higher than our thoughts

As in the beginning
so shall it be in the end
the Word

Photo of a sunset as seen from on a warm evening in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii, 2011

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