Once there were deer

once there were deerOnce in the woods there were deer
who stared with dark orbs containing distant galaxies
eyes that eerily resembled those of Niko our saluki
who now runs in their herd in his afterlife

Too there were rabbits the color of gray slate
who blithely foraged among wildflowers and grasses
while they twitched their white tipped tails
summoning our black lab Titus to a game of tag-you’re-it

Coyote hunkered down in surveyed thickets by day
and roamed golf course greens bathed in moonlight
howling in their wildness and bedeviling our dogs
safe inside houses protected by wrought iron fences

Today deer hover on the edge of federal land we lease
and rabbits are cute little things that happen to cross our lawns
and coyotes are threats to our schnauzers and kitty cats
we own in our three point two average household size neighborhood.

I yearn that someday again there shall be deer in the woods
and rabbits in wildflowers and grasses
and coyote in thickets
to return us to the ancient galaxy of wildness and life


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