7art-00013_impervious-fogMist, she comes unbidden

She gathers scattered molecules to descend
to the forest on the lee side of the precipice
where she blurs the shadows of squirming wolf pups
until Mother returns with field mice for their Dawn repast

She weaves shawls of droplets
around sleeping lavender and chamomile flowers
to dress them for the Morning sonata
of bees and beetles and grass bursting through Earth

She glides through an open window on the third floor walkup
to sigh chills that nudge the waking woman
into her man’s arm tattooed with dragons and swords
coaxing Life’s yearning for itself

Mist, she is beholden

She listens for the retreat of Rain’s footmen
and begins to gently twirl infinite prism veils
and arcs her back in the sensuous dance of Rainbow
delighting in a brief glimpse into Heaven’s soul

Rainbow Mist

A note on the photos: I photographed the rainbow while sitting at Hau Tree Lanai in Waikiki, Oahu.  The mountain mist is a free image available at 7art-screensavers.com/wallpapers/mist-0/xls/impervious-fog.jpg

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