Precious flower


Precious flower
I first noticed you
while I was taking inventory of a garden’s promise
after the frost finally surrendered to its mandate
of life’s rebirth

Still a tiny bud
appointed to perch on a tender stalk
you were the first hope of spring’s rosebush
and regally wore your morning crown
of a single dewdrop

A perfect creation
your maturity belied spring’s frenzy
– its pulsing leaves, seductive pollen, buzzing rustlers –
all cacophonous next to the serenity
of your simple smile

Delicate blossom
forgive my temporal distractions
as I gadded amid lavender stalks and mint clusters
I should have filled my senses one last time
with your sweet, sweet spirit

Gail Urago

For Gail Urago (1954 – 2012), my classmate of 13 years at St. Patrick’s School and Sacred Hearts Academy.

I was fortunate to see her in May at a grade school reunion in Hawaii.  It was the first time I saw her since we graduated from high school in 1972.  She was always quiet next to us loudmouths and at our reunion, she serenely greeted us as in times past. 

She moved on this year. I wish I sat with her.   Goodbye for now, Gail.

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