I Thought I Might Find You Here

I thought I might find you here
coaxing your precious plants to feed our family
with the help of shape shifters that transport mist

from mountain peaks that seduce the foolish
from insistent waves that soothe the senses
from meandering streams that inspire the poet
from salty tears that contain life’s yearning.

But the cerulean garden was just a camouflage
for the ancient future of hope
that I might find you here.

Perhaps next time.

5 thoughts on “I Thought I Might Find You Here

      • I just got into my email and saw that you sent a note through the “contact” link. 🙂 Thank you!

        To answer your question, I’ve gotten a couple of likes and comments, but only just in the last couple of days I think. I know you’ve been busy and coping with health issues, so NO pressure! I’m glad to see you whenever you’re able to show up. 🙂

        I’ve been a bit (okay, a LOT!) slow on catching up, myself. I think I’m a couple weeks behind in my Reader so please forgive any delays on my part. I’ll get there! LOL I’ve been finishing up school with the kids and getting ready for winter kinds of things. Plus today was my son’s birthday so of course the cake thing, etc. 🙂 You know how that goes! LOL

        I don’t understand about the glitch though that you’ve been experiencing. I haven’t detected anything myself, and no one else has mentioned anything, but I will certainly keep an eye on it just in case there’s some kind of bug.

        You make me blush, dear, when you say I inspire and provoke you! Thank you. 🙂 And yes, my face is flaming! Ha! I hope that provocation is in a good way!

        I hope you are feeling back to 100% now. 🙂 I know how much it sucks to struggle with health things – it’s like your own body betrays you.


  1. I really was more concerned that somehow tech glitches were getting in the way. T he overlapping text and frame freezes seemed particular to your site and I thought I’d alert you. Of course, it probably means that I’m being johnny come lately having been away for way too long. But you are a beacon to me – truly! So I want to make sure that the little fornits (a Stephen King term) do not sabotage my access to your site. Thank you for being my cyberspace presence. Blessings!

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