Angels and Pigeons

Maura parks her shopping cart in the corner stall
beyond the looming Golden Arches
And makes her routine visit to the ladies’ room

She washes her face with antibacterial soap
plucks grass and feathers from her hair
And pinches some life into her porcelain cheeks

She returns to her cart to look hopeful and holy
in plain sight of the drive through menu
And hears Welcome-to-McDonalds-may-I-take-your-order

By nine AM the steady stream of cars and trucks
bring starched shirts and pretty dresses
And squirming young ones fresh from bible verses

After they pay for white sacks and morning beverages
one in four drive to Maura’s corner
And faithfully tithe their Sunday breakfast

Hash browns, hotcakes, McMuffins, biscuits
Coffee, milk, coke, orange juice
And napkins, straws, an occasional gift card

The others watch and wait across the street
Henry, Tasha, John, Catherine
And baby Stacy, the twins and Rex the dog

Even the pigeons have learned it’s time to gather
to wait for Maura’s generous distributions
And the mother lode of fast food on a Sunday morning

3 thoughts on “Angels and Pigeons

    • Thanks for your comments. The piece started quite differently. She was just a gal waiting for her usual suit to give her a handout. Funny how these things evolve. I woke up with Angels and Pigeons in my head, tried to change the title, but it just wouldn’t let me go.

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