Sunday Haiku Quintuplet on Ants


bubble-eyed insect
four-part body on six feet
ant morphology 

obsidian specks
scurry to scavenge stale crumbs
ubiquitous ants

women hunt and march
leaving men to breed and die
no choice for the ant

fire mounds and pincers
soldiers swarm to burn, bite, steal
invasion of ants

assignment from birth
leafcutter, weaver, army
purpose-driven ants

Mark Moffett was recently featured on NPR and CBS Sunday morning.  He is an entomologist, biologist, photographer and ant-enthusiast and wrote Adventures Among Ants: A Global Safari with a Cast of Trillions.  I don’t like ants, but I was fascinated by his stories of these tiny creatures.  These stories inform and sometimes scare me, but most of all, have taught me to respect the ant.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku Quintuplet on Ants

  1. My daughter had a fascination with leaf-cutter ants for a while. She had a ball, dancing around the house singing a little song from one of her computer games about the little sister ant. She’s only recently decided that bugs really are too creepy to become an entomologist, lol.

    Your homage is well done! The ants would be honored if they could read it! 😀

    • I actually dislike ants intensely. I get goosebumps just thinking about them. I also have had to get shots because of ant bites. But . . . that guy’s interviews on NPR and CBS Morning News were excellent and helps me get over being prissy. You might want to check out the interviews. Fascinating

    • Ants are EWWWW! in my book. Yet, these little facts about them intrigue me. I still spray them with poison though. They apparently survived millenium regardless of ant control 🙂 Thank you for visiting!

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