6 thoughts on “Sunday Haiku Trilogy: Cicada

  1. In number one, I like the idea of a safe haven for echoes.

    Interesting that you are a community planner. I am city planner that now works in real estate development for a government entity. Curious work at times for creative minded folk.


    • I thought you might be a planner, given your insightful writing on urban ironies. It is curious work indeed. I do a lot of mediation and faciitation as a consultant for private and public developers. If only people knew what was going through my mind while I’m trying to get things to flow . . . Thanks for visiting!

  2. Eww! Bugs! *shudder* LOL

    Those cicadas – I never heard of them until I moved here and now that sound just makes it feel so much hotter to me. They puncture IL heat too! LOL Great line!

    • They’re kinda like crickets on steroids or from outer space. After they shed, they get huge. Plus, Richard says they start off as grubs. Ewwww is right!

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