Scheherazade duet at sunset

a thousand nights of separate journeys
to finally meet on an island oasis
for a sunset of sharing tales
of triumphs, perhaps travails

one, murky glass of furnaced ‘ewa sands
the other, a scroll pulped by pounding hands
lady vessels of tendril lives
that the ancient one still contrives

a balcony above a monkeypod cloud
a feast of wine completes the façade
the stage for telling is set
for this Scheherazade duet

act one, the glass is overturned
spilling brine of death not spurned
her sister, her mother taken
a matriarchy forsaken

act two, the weathered scroll unfurled
the other’s account of a distant world
faded maps and songs obscure
promises and dreams once so pure

act three, the element of surprise
why, the two have yet to surmise
the climax or the writer’s plot
or is this already dénouement

still, the glass of one was filled
kindness, hope, friendship rebuild
her faithfulness to support
will once again come forth

the scroll of the other restored
new ink and clarity record
her fabled strength to support
will surely again come forth

their lives granted and spared for yet
another thousand separate sunsets
for they are bound by a celestial pole 
a destiny linked by the island shoal

one day to recount the next thousand sunsets
the destiny of this Scheherazade duet

for Vicki

16 thoughts on “Scheherazade duet at sunset

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  2. Greetings from Jingle,

    thank you for the kind remarks in my blog,
    please visit week 15 participants, comment for 12 blogs and let me know after you are done!

    have fun,

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