Koa, Unplugged

having a little fun . . . to be read out loud



If you happen to encounter Koa,
he may erupt like Krakatoa!
Walkers with dogs are barking triggers.
Some runners also elicit tremendous vigor.

We think he was a pup abused,
that he was mistreated and his soul bruised.
He does not like big sticks as a rule,
and avoids water and our swimming pool

But a kind soul took pity on him
when he visited her back yard on a whim.
His rescue became our fortunate gift.
of a  gentle dog who always uplifts.

He greets us with “ah-roo-roo-roo”
and a wagging tail that wags his body too.
He acts like he’s the happiest boy
If only he knew –  he is our biggest joy.

Thus, there is no need for alarm.
His barking and howling conceal his charm.
He is affectionate and will lick you with glee
and protect you from every single enemy.

Inspired by my new friend, Barbara Ferguson . . . Thank you!

Tarry, Lady Aurora


Just this once, Lady Aurora *
will you delay the banishment of the night’s coverings
of sleep sojourns and nocturnal secrets?

Delay your radiating of the sky heavens
with your infinite lumens that expose angles and circles
of our daily labors and mortality.

Let me tarry in this dawn ‘tween world
so I can still enjoy echo laughter of old friends
as their footfalls grace the trails of Tantalus. **

Let me savor the fading wafts of salty air
and hear the soft hissing of the Pacific Ocean
seeping into the sands of Kona. ***

Let me wake just enough to recognize the shadow
of my dreams though I live in your light world
while I simultaneously breathe sweet thoughts of fond times.

Then I shall be ready for your warmth, dear Lady
and gladly open my eyes to greet you in song
and rejoice in hopes you bring to this new day.

 *     Aurora is the Roman god of dawn who renews herself every morning and flies across the sky.

**   Tantalus is a wonderfully whimsical mountain on Oahu, Hawaii.  It is said to have been named after the Greek god who, always thirsty, was punished by being placed in a pool of water. When he tried to drink, the water receded.

*** Kona sands grace the west coast of the southernmost island in Hawaii.

Photo taken in the summer dawn in Harmony Park, Trophy Club, Texas. 

Legacy Shattered

Her humming wakes me.
Her profile illumined by moonlight
sneaking through sheer breezy curtains.
She rocks a cradle I’ve not seen.
Her eyes are closed. She smiles a secret.
I want to sit with her.

I stumble off a floor mattress,
my legs surprisingly short and pudgy.
I toddle on dimpled feet,
cloth diaper scritching my thighs.
I know I am a dream toddler,
yet I persist, seeking, seeking.

I want to coddle with you, I announce.
Yet all I can say is MAAAMMMAAAA.
I clutch at her arm, a hard wooden branch.
She ignores me, her eyes closed.  She hums.
I crawl into the rocking cradle,
hoping to inhale her mother song.

I nestle into bunting warmed by her breath
and am shockingly pierced by broken glass
lining the blanket, shards of mirror
that revel her soul and identity.
I am mercifully startled from this nightmare.
Awaken, woman, awaken.

I am stunned into now, to the tradewind breath
of my son in the Moses basket next to my bed.
His calls to me cries of I need you, your life and touch.
So I hold him. He drinks my milk and energy
and I declare to that mother in the cold moonlight.
Be gone.  You have no hold on me.

Legacy Shattered